Pakistan puts PM Imran Khan’s official residence on rent as nation battles severe economic crunch Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s official house on rent

Pakistan has put Prime Minister Imran Khan’s house on rent for social occasions, such as weddings and fashion displays, the move that comes as the nation is struggling with a severe financial crunch.   

Imran Khan had vacated his residence back in 2019 and has been living at his Bani Gala residence. He only uses the Prime Minister’s office. The ruling Tehreek-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had announced that the party intends to convert the Prime Minister’s house into a university. 

PTI said that Imran Khan will depart from the PM house and governors would also not stay in Governor Houses, in a bid to reduce costs and use the money for social initiatives. 

According to Samaa TV, the government has decided people to hold cultural, fashion, educational, and other events at the PM’s residence. The Prime Minister’s house’s auditorium, two guest wings and a lawn will be open to being rented out, local media reported, citing sources. 

“Two committees have been formed for this purpose, to ensure the discipline and decorum of the PM House are not violated during the events,” Samaa TV said. 

Since Imran Khan took over PM’s office, Pakistan’s GDP has decreased by $19 billion in the past three years. He had implemented a slew of new measures to reduce the government’s spending in order to provide relief to Pakistan’s economy. 

The government and state institutions’ loans had been raised by Rs 45,000 billion since Imran Khan took over, said former finance minister Miftah Ismail, saying that the PTI administration was “toying with the economy.”

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