Thea Sharrock to Direct Soccer Pic “The Beautiful Game”

Thea Sharrock is making another film based on a true story. She’s set to follow up 2020’s “The One and Only Ivan,” a family pic about a gorilla who makes headlines for his paintings, with “The Beautiful Game,” a Netflix feature about “a group of English homeless footballers who compete in the Homeless World Cup,” per Deadline.

“The Beautiful Game” sees a soccer team traveling from London to Rome to participate in the Homeless World Cup. “At the last minute they decide to bring with them talented striker Vinny (Micheal Ward), but he must confront his own issues and once-promising past in order to help the team and move on with his own life.”

“We are incredibly excited to be the focus of the upcoming film ‘The Beautiful Game.’ The Homeless World Cup is our contribution to tackling the homeless problem across the globe but there is so much more to do,” said Mel Young, President and Founder of the Homeless World Cup Foundation. “We have proved just how powerful football can be when it is applied to a social problem and we will keep striving to do more. We hope that the work we do being told in ‘The Beautiful Game’ inspires more people to join in and support future Homeless World Cups and together we can all aim to end homelessness forever.”

Sharrock made her feature directorial debut with 2016 Emilia Clarke-starrer “Me Before You,” a romance that earned over $208 million worldwide on a budget of $20 million.

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