Woman told to get ‘reality check’ after sharing demanding birthday wish-list

A 25-year-old woman has been told to “get a reality check” after she shared a demanding wish-list online for her friends and family.

The list included some massive and very expensive gifts and people online could not believe her diva-ish requests.

Up first on the list, shared on Reddit, was a £180 Sennheiser microphone.

She also asked for a “performing slot” at a music event and a venue booking to host her own event, along with many other requests.

The post read: “25 days to my 25th birthday. You guys know this post was definitely coming!

“This year I’ve conquered so much more than I initially thought I could! From my music to filmmaking to my job to my spirituality and self.”

Stack of various baby shower or birthday presents, people celebrating in the background.
The woman shared her demanding birthday wish list on her Facebook

They continued: “I’m not a perfect human but mama has taken the time to mould and craft her mentality into positivity and love.

“So this year I’m not gonna list what chocolate to not get me or my shoe size, but if you add that on top of this list I wouldn’t be mad.

“This year, I want: Sennheiser Evolution E945 Dynamic Vocal Microphone (gold plated with pink diamantes and I will marry you).

“Full access to all classes in Apple’s MasterClass.

“A performing slot at GTM or Spilt Milk (Covid willing). Vocal training classes (not too fussed on how many classes). A secured venue for my EP release.”

Close up of desktop computer
She even asked for a computer

The woman continued: “Doesn’t have to be too fancy, but somewhere accessible where my friends and I can scream at the top of our lungs.

“Logic software (paid version). Computer desktop with at least 32gb ram, 40 to 50 inch monitor.

“Costume neon lights. Godox strobe lights times three. Sony 1.4 50mm lens.

“The last but not the least – to love yourself.”

“You all know this fabulous queen deserves a fabulous gift, so don’t be shy – don’t let my list limit you! Go crazy.”

Portrait of young woman behind pile of Christmas presents
The woman listed a number of items and event tickets

After the screenshot was shared on Reddit, users rushed to comment.

One wrote: “This is the most astounding case of unwarranted self-importance I’ve ever seen. Alas, there is no cure.”

Another said: “Why would anyone be friends with this person?”

“I can send her a reality check but I’m out of those,” another commented.

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