Written by Deja Monet August 15, 2021

A man was arrested in Oconee County on Monday after he stole a horse and hid the animal in his bedroom.

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31-year-old Gary Chase Coble Jr. was seen riding the animal on Country Lane in Mountain Rest and placing the horse inside his father’s house. A witness contacted police and directed them to the home where they alerted the suspect’s father, explaining the incident. In response, Coble’s father said his son was not allowed to enter his house and has several warrants for his arrest.

Coble’s father opened the front door of the home and spotted horse feces in the living room and entered a bedroom where Coble Jr. hid the animal.

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“The horse appeared to be calm and I continued following Coble into the bathroom where I was able to successfully place him into custody for the warrants.” the arrest report said. The owner of the horse said it was worth $6,5000 and they planned to press charges for the theft since the animal also had a large scratch on its leg that was not there before.

Coble Jr. was charged with stealing livestock along with several charges related to similar crimes.