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A sex education program at a Minnesota school left people outraged after students were asked to role play gay and transgender relationship situations.

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Activists who protested against the curriculum of the sex ed program implemented by the Richfield School District said parents were deceived about what their children are being taught in the schools. The program called the “3Rs” which stands for “rights, respect, and responsibility”, was put in place by Advocates of Youth, A Planned Parenthood affiliate.

However, parents were not pleased when learning that the students were asked to play roles in LBGTQIA scenarios. One of the role play lessons involves a student named “Morgan” who is in a secret relationship with another student but that student isn’t ready to come out of the closet.

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“While many sexuality education materials have addressed the needs of adolescents, Advocates for Youth realized that such education must begin much earlier. This K-12 curriculum, therefore, is a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including: self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion,” said the organization said in a statement.

Chairman Tim Pollis said in a statement that protesters and the school board doesn’t know the full spectrum of the curriculum and all lessons are age appropriate for all students. Additionally, parents are given the option to opt their children out of the program.

“The board does not actually know all the details of our curriculum, I think I can say that with confidence.”

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