Bank Australia outage leaves customers unable to use their money on a Sunday

Bank Australia has suffered an unexpected outage, leaving more than 160,000 customers unable to make payments or access their accounts on a weekend.

The bank has shared that it became aware of the outage about 9.15am AEST, with its services expected to be out of action until about 5pm.

The bank quickly took internet banking and its app offline this morning after discovering that transactions and balances were appearing incorrectly.

Bank Australia has suffered an outage. (Nine)

“Overnight maintenance has caused an unexpected issue with transactions and balances not appearing correctly in internet banking and the app,” the bank has shared on its Facebook page.

“We’re urgently working to fix this problem to correctly restore balances and transactions for customers as soon as possible.

“Please rest assured your true account balance and transactions will be restored and no money has been taken from your account.”

Bank Australia (Nine)

Unhappy customers have taken to Facebook to complain about the outage, calling the delay in solving the issue “not good enough”.

Many have posted about how they have been unable to make purchases or carry out their Sunday plans due to the outage.

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