Most dangerous COVID-19 variant found in THIS country, experts issue warning

The cases of COVID-19 infection is once again rising across the world and coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in many countries. The fear of third wave is still looming in India too and amid the rise in COVID-19 cases, it has been repported that the most dangerous variant of COVID-19 – the R.1 variant – has been found in the US.

Even though there are fewer patients of the R.1 variant across the world, this variant is very dangerous. It may be recalled that the second wave of COVID-19 hit India very hard and the growing cases of R.1 variant has once increased the worries of the people.

Experts have warned people about this dangerous variant of the coronavirus and according to experts though the number of cases of the R.1 variant is still low, there is no room for negligence as it can prove dangerous.

According to experts, even though the R.1 variant has been identified by researchers in the US few days ago, this variant was found in Japan last year. Apart from this, the R.1 variant is found in some other countries too.

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