National Heart Foundation modelling heart tests since the pandemic started

When Bernie Blake took herself to the emergency department after feeling unwell she didn’t realise she was saving her life.

The 56-year-old said she was feeling breathlessness, but that her symptoms weren’t extreme.

Bernie Blake
Bernie Blake (Nine)

The timing in which she sought help was crucial.

“Doctors said I wouldn’t have lasted three months,” Ms Blake said.

Victorians are being urged not to neglect their heart health during the pandemic, with new modelling suggesting hundreds of people could suffer heart attacks because they’ve missed out on important checkups.

Heart disease has been the leading cause of death for 60 years.

Yet modelling from National Heart Foundation of Australia has revealed 27,000 Australians are likely to have missed a heart checkup because of the pandemic.

The modelling says there could be 350 more strokes, heart attacks or related deaths over the next five years.

A heart test takes 20 minutes and involves taking blood pressure and checking cholesterol levels.

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