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RaiStar is a popular Free Fire content creator and a household name for Indian Free Fire community. Owing to the large popularity of Free Fire in India, the content side of this title has grown immensely. Many Indian content creators have made a name for themselves by growing on YouTube and RaiStar is one of them.

RaiStar has a humongous fan following on YouTube with around 5.75 million subscribers. He has a separate livestreaming channel with more than two million subscribers. His social media presence is also worth noting with as he boasts 2.1 million instagram followers and 750k Booyah followers.


RaiStar has some impressive statistics in Free Fire with impeccable win rates and accuracy ratios. One can find Raistar in Free Fire using his unique character ID. This ID is given down below.

  • Raistar Free Fire ID :  12022250.

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You can search for him using this ID name and find several updated statistics time-to-time. Currently, he has played thousands of matches in classic mode and his lifetime statistics show that he is versatile in playing Free Fire. He has played more than 16000 squad matches till date and despite such a large number of matches, his stats are above average with 26% top three rate and a K/D ratio of 3.96.

Classic Mode: Lifetime statistics
Classic Mode: Ranked
Classic Mode: Lifetime

Raistar has also played a lot of ranked matches in Clash Squad mode and he apparently destroys his enemies in this mode. He has an impressive headshot rate of 66% in his overall ranked matches of this mode. Here are his stats for Clash Squad Mode:

Clash Squad Mode statistics

These are the current statistics of Raistar in Free Fire. You can get more updated stats if you check his profile in-game with the ID mentioned above.

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