Geraldo Rivera Calls Out Vaccinated People Who Encourage Anti-Vaxxers To “Fight For Their Freedom” • Hollywood Entertainment News

Fox News personality, Geraldo Rivera is fighting for everyone across the US to get vaccinated, but he isn’t here for people who get vaccinated and encourage others to not get the shot so they can keep their “freedom”.

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Rivera had to get a few things off his chest yesterday on twitter about how important it is to get vaccinated.

“Open-minded & inclusive, I’m friends with all kinds of people. But as we pass 700,000 #Covid dead, I have zero tolerance for anti-vaxers [sic],” Rivera tweeted. “Most of all, I detest vaccinated d*** heads who urge the unvaccinated to ‘fight for their freedom,’ the mob urging the man on ledge to jump.”

Rivera’s tweet quickly spreader across social media and he received a lot of responses. Now Rivera didn’t name exactly who was speaking about, but some people on twitter seem to believe he was throwing a shot at Allstar, LeBron James because he recently spoke out saying he received the vaccine but won’t encourage other to do the same.

Not to long after Rivera made his tweet, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann agreed on his take, stating that “Once again, on this topic, @GeraldoRivera is right.”

In the video, Olbermann can be seen getting his booster shot while saying that it’s “time to stop coddling the people who won’t get the shot.”

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Olbermann held his vaccination card up in the screen and stated, “Booster shot: mission accomplished. And it is time to stop coddling them. The ones who won’t get the damn shot already. We call these people ‘vaccine hesitant.’ ‘Vaccine skeptics.’ ‘Anti-vax.’ We say they’re protesting mandates and passports. ‘They’re making a personal choice.’ ‘They’re waiting for more information.’ ‘They’re making a medical decision.’ Bulls***. They’re afraid.”


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