NFL Coach Urban Meyer’s Wife Addresses His Bar Dancing Controversy

Sticking by her man: The wife of one NFL coach is speaking out about his self-professed “stupid” conduct. 

In a widely circulated video, Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer was seen at a bar in Ohio (reportedly his own Urban Chophouse in Columbus), as a woman appeared to dance and grind against him.

The team’s owner, Shad Khan, called him out and wrote on social media that “his conduct last weekend was inexcusable.”

Urban, 57, said at a press conference that he apologized to the team and the staff “for being a distraction,” according to NBC Sports. “It was stupid. So I explained everything that happened. And owned it. And, you know, just stupid. I should not have put myself in that kind of position.”

His wife, Shelley Meyer, initially joked about his going out without her. On Friday, Oct. 1, she responded to a picture of her husband in front of a crystal chandelier at the bar.

At the time, she wrote, “Meanwhile, I am babysitting” and added the hashtags #MyChoice and #BuddyDeservedANightOut. 

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