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Would You Join? Kanye West Reportedly Files Trademark For Dating App

Kanye West continues to file more trademarks!

Last week, TMZ reported that the rapper reportedly filed a trademark application on September 21, to put his late mother’s name Donda name on a few products including include tablet computers, audio speakers and surround sound systems, and more.

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According to a new report by The Blast, Kanye has also reportedly filed 10 more trademark applications, for the name “Ye,” as this includes creating masks, computers, sports bags, and home goods. It was said that a dating app is also listed in the documents. While it’s unclear what this dating app would be titled, the “Ye” name would appear to be part of it.

It was also said that the new trademarks were filed by Kanye’s company, Mascotte Holdings. Although there’s not a lot of details on his possible dating app, the Blast reports that Kanye’s platform would be in competition with Tinder, and OkCupid.


Socialites, if Kanye drops a dating app, would you be joining? Let us know in the comment box below!

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