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A California man has filed a lawsuit against a psychic after he paid her to reportedly lift a curse that was put on him by an ex-girlfriend.

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Mauro Restrepo googled a psychic after experiencing problems with his marriage on September 17 when he discovered the website of “PHD Life Coach” Sophia Adams. While giving him a tarot card reading, Adams allegedly told him that he had bad luck and that an ex-girlfriend hired a witch to place a curse on him. She further explained to her that if the curse wasn’t removed, Restrepo and his family would become unhappy and in danger. Adams requested $5,100 to have the curse removed and Restrepo put a down payment of $1,000.

The suit says Adams did not fulfill her promise and caused Restrepo to experience anxiety and sleepless nights after the session.

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‘This made the plaintiff more confident that he was speaking with a professional that could help him, Despite (Adams’) promises, (she) did not in any way help (Restrepo’s) marriage,’

It also claims Adams uses her business to take advantage of customers.