PinkPantheress, Lauren Jauregui, and More Best New Music Friday

This week’s playlist oozes transparency, as the artists included use their songbooks as diaries.

In a follow-up to her addictive single “Just for me,” PinkPantheress delivers the equally memorable “I must apologise.” Lauren Jauregui drops her new single “Colors” along with a major announcement. Angel Haze cuts herself open for an introspective slow jam titled “The Altar.” Meanwhile, Oh Wonder releases a surprise album and exposes some of the obstacles that threatened their relationship IRL, Moonchild Sanelly team up with Sad Night Dynamite to tackle their “Demons,” and more artists get vulnerable this week.

Here are our picks for Best New Music Friday.

PinkPantheress, “I must apologise”

PinkPantheress returned this week with “I must apologise,” a track that samples Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” and is told from the perspective of a person who often loses the internal battle of being honest with those she cares about. “’I must apologise’ is a fast-paced, upbeat track about someone telling lies all the time,” Pink shared in a press statement. “It is a song that tells a niche tale underneath the synths of Crystal Waters’ track, ‘Gypsy Woman.’” Joining catchy singles like “Just for me,” “Pain,” “Passion,” and “Break It Off,” this new song will also appear on PinkPantheress’ debut mixtape, To hell with it, which is slated for release October 15.

Lauren Jauregui, “Colors”

This week also marked Lauren Jauregui’s homecoming. The former Fifth Harmony singer released the deeply introspective, “Colors.” The ballad, distinguished by haunting piano chords, is obviously personal in nature and utilizes painting as a metaphor for facing one’s true self. Lauren offered an analysis of the track in a press statement, sharing: “When you paint a wall, you have to paint over what is underneath. I’m trying to convince myself I’m someone I’m not. The song is a literal conversation. When everyone is gone, it’s just you and I. You can paint on the wall, but you can’t erase them all. I’m letting myself know that no matter what is going on, I need to be okay with myself. You can’t run away from yourself, because all of your layers are still going to be there. You need to learn to see them and accept them.”

“Colors” is featured on Lauren’s forthcoming album, Prelude, which marks the official start of her fully independent career, through which she will be releasing music by way of her own label, Attunement Records in partnership with AWAL Recordings.

Angel Haze, “The Altar”

Weeks ahead of the release of her forthcoming EP, Girl With a Gun, Angel Haze pulled up with “The Altar,” a vulnerable track that Angel describes as an ode to her “reformed relationship with the divine in the world and in myself,” in a media statement. “What it feels like to reach with your life,” she goes on. “To sing, and let things go. When I was recording this track, it felt like I was trying to lift my voice from the floor of my body. A perfect irony.”

Moonchild Sanelly & Sad Night Dynamite, “Demon”

Moonchild Sanelly and Sadnight Dynamite took on the spirit world with “Demon,” an electric dance track about ridding oneself of dark forces that seek to steal joy and orchestrate chaos. Recorded remotely during the pandemic, the South African recording artist said of the single in a statement, “I knew I needed to write about this Demon that was in my life at the time – a very real and dark experience I was going through.” The song’s storyline became even more layered when Sad Night Dynamite member Josh had “a nightmare in which he was on trial for being a witch” after hearing Moon’s verse for the single. In the dream, it turned out that he was not a witch after all; however, his persecutors had already drowned him. In the equally dark music video, Moon and the guys make their way down a dark street where they occasionally morph into frightening apparitions. Just in time for Halloween.

Oh Wonder, “Rollercoaster Baby”

Oh Wonder pulled a Beyoncé this week, dropping their surprise album, 22 Break, which features their new single, “Rollercoaster Baby.” While light and beautiful in sound, the song traces the heart-wrenching experience of witnessing a relationship unravel while not being able to do anything about it because someone else is in the driver’s seat.

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