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‘I’m Just Overjoyed’: Boston Marathon Racers Rejoice After Lost Year

Participants are asked to keep their mask on until they reach the start line. Good job, good job. Congratulations to all the the folks that qualified. And you’re off! I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I’ve been training for this thing since, I don’t know, 2019, it feels like, because it got canceled in 2020. That was supposed to be my first time racing the Boston, so I’ve been waiting, like, two years to run it. And so I feel like I’ve been — Ohh, I’m just overjoyed. All that training, this is the big dance. This is what it pays off. Oh, my goodness. After the pandemic, after all we’ve been through, I am so happy to be here. I am super happy that Kenya won both men and women. I am so excited. And it feels great. It really feels great. You’ve got a lot of people behind you. See what you’ve done? You are Boston strong. I recently had an elder passed away up in our state, Emmett Eastman. He was a great inspiration to me. The guy ran up all the way until he was 80, and he was an international runner. And he talked about Boston when I was a kid and I thought I could never run that. And here I am today. Oh, this crowd doesn’t need any encouragement. You know what to do. The paralympic program. And once again they’re off. I saw all of the Boston survivors and they just motivate you, and the crowds motivate you, and you just keep going. There’s no reason not to go. There is no crying at the Boston Marathon.

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