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QuarterJade, Sydeon, Masayoshi joins OfflineTV

Streaming group OfflineTV or OTV has announced its first expansion since 2019 with the addition of QuarterJade, Sydeon, and Masayoshi to the team in a video published on YouTube on 19th November 2021.

The streaming group consists of some of the biggest steamers on the internet who boasts a massive following. The three new streamers to join them has similar clout if not close to that of the other members and will definitely expose OTV to a wider audience.

QuarterJade is the most popular of the 3 according to the numbers, with over 750,000 followers on Twitch, she is known for her League of Legends streams but can be also found playing Valorant these days.

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Sydeon on the other hand is a variety streamer but her fame hails from her cosplays. She has been an active participant in the streams of several OTV members which makes her addition the least surprising. As one of the most well-known up-and-coming content creators, this will be a big step in her journey as a streamer. Among the 3, she has the least follower count which is an astounding 250,000 followers.

Masayoshi, much like QuarterJade is was strictly a Lol streamer who can be found playing Valorant these days. With over 450,000 followers, he is the second most follower person to join OTV.

With 3 big names joining the team right when the new year is about to begin, 2022 is a stage set for OTV to reach greater heights and only time can tell how they’ll do it.

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