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Big Bird and his friends are reportedly banned from the Republican Party’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference next year.

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The CPAC committee tweeted on Thursday that Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie, are reportedly banned from attending their conference in 2022. One tweet reads, “Big Bird & Big Gov. Mandates? NO .THANK .YOU.” with a series of clapping emojis. Their decision was made after an episode of Sesame Street showed Big Bird receiving the COVID-19 vaccine which angered Sen. Ted Cruz as reported by the Huffington Post. 

Cruz said in a tweet calling the episode, “government propaganda…for your 5-year-old!” However, this is not the first time the fictional character received a vaccine. An episode that aired in 1972 showed Big Bird getting a vaccine for measles and being rewarded with a balloon shortly after for his bravery.

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Additionally, CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp was reportedly displeased with the children’s educational program adding an Asian-American muppet to the case and claimed it was becoming too political.

“When you have hundreds of channels to choose from, why do we have to have a special station that doesn’t have to, you know, operate in the same way all the others do? It’s time to go.”

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