IN PHOTOS: Jewel Mische's little fairy tale castle in Michigan

Jewel Mische is living in a beautiful house that she calls her little fairy tale castle in Michigan.

In her Instagram posts, she shares the picture-perfect home that she also names Rosewood Castle.

According to Jewel, the house is not everyone’s favorite but she fell in love with its features. The house is described by Jewel as a cozy English/ Tuscan cottage.

She said, “So this is my little fairytale ‘castle’. Not for everyone’s taste but ever since I was young I dreamt of living in a cozy English/Tuscan cottage… a little secluded along the river and sitting on a big bed of property for the kids and pets to run around on. My husband working in the barn and me gardening or cooking in the kitchen.”

Her house, which looks like it came from a fictional book, has also charmed her followers. See more of the house of Jewel’s family in this gallery.

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