‘I went off like a rocket’: Tauranga couple in shock at $10.3m Lotto win

There was plenty of yelling when a Tauranga couple found out they’d won over $10m


There was plenty of yelling when a Tauranga couple found out they’d won over $10m

Dreams do come true, just ask the Tauranga couple who became multi-millionaires with a $10.3m Lotto win.

The couple who won the Powerball first division on Saturday night have a well-established routine for checking their tickets.

“I always check the ticket on a Sunday morning – never on the night of the draw,” the husband in the winning couple said.

“I love holding onto the suspense a bit longer, and going to bed imagining that I could have a big winning ticket waiting for me in the morning.”

The family knew not to mention anything about the jackpot until the ticket had been checked by him.

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“I was reading the news online on Saturday night when I saw a Bay of Plenty MyLotto player had won Powerball First Division,” said his wife.

“I thought, ‘That’s pretty close to home’, but didn’t think too much about it to be honest. I know how much he enjoys checking his tickets the next day, so I just kept the news to myself.”

The couple were regular Lotto players who have been playing the same numbers for a while now.

The man started checking his ticket on Sunday morning.

“I saw the numbers circling off on my ticket straight away – there was no missing it. When the fourth number was circled, that’s when the yelling started! But when I saw all six winning numbers and the Powerball number circled on one line, I went off like a rocket,” said the man.

“My wife and I stood there staring at the phone – there was a lot of yelling and crying, as well of plenty of shaking and laughing. We were absolutely blown away – it was just unbelievable.”

The life changing win is sinking in for the couple.

“We tried to keep our day as normal as possible while we let the news sink in – but all day we just kept looking at each other and laughing,” said the man.

“We did take some time to celebrate though and headed for a nice lunch complete with a bottle of bubbles. It was a Sunday we’ll never forget, that’s for sure.”

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