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After forming the government in Punjab, AAP will bring this model

New Delhi:

Over the course of time AAP has made a mark for itself in Punjab under the leadership of National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal. The party volunteers have diligently worked in every gully-mohalla to make AAP a household name. To pay back the people of Punjab for their support, Shri Arvind Kejriwal today announced AAP’s ‘Punjab Model’. He stated — When the Aam Aadmi Party forms the government it will implement a 10-point ‘Punjab Model’; we will create a new-age, prosperous, and forward-thinking Punjab. We have prepared a ‘Punjab Model’ based on a 10-point agenda as per inputs from the people of Punjab for the advancement of the state. We will create so many job opportunities that children who have gone to Canada will begin to return to Punjab within five years. The AAP Government will put an end to the drug mafia and make Punjab drug-free. AAP will get the harshest punishment for all those accused of sacrilege and will restore peace and brotherhood in Punjab. Will make Punjab free of corruption, and like Delhi people’s work will be done without the use of money. We will transform Punjab’s education system in the same way that we have transformed Delhi’s education system. AAP will build luxurious government hospitals in Punjab as well as 16,000 mohalla clinics where every Punjabi will receive free treatment. The AAP government will provide 24×7 free electricity supply in Punjab and will deposit one thousand rupees in the accounts of all women over the age of 18. Will fix the farming system in Punjab and end corruption by eliminating Raid Raj to help traders. Congress and Badals ruled in partnership in Punjab; looted every paisa of public funds from the hands of the poor. Now people have made up their minds to put an end to the partnership of Congress and the Badal family to give a chance to the Aam Aadmi Party. All the parties have come together to defeat AAP and Punjabis once again; but this time the whole of Punjab is ready to fail their plans.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “The people of Punjab are very happy since announcement of the elections have been made. They know that they now have an opportunity to inflict change in the politics of the state. In 1966, Punjab was made into a separate state. Since then the Congress has ruled Punjab for 25 years and the Badal family for 19 years. Despite who was in power, both the Congress and the Badals exploited the state of Punjab and looted its people to amass ill-gotten wealth. They worked under such an arrangement that irrespective of who looted the state, the other would not care to speak up or take action. It was like a mutually benefitting syndicate. This time the people have decided to bring an end to this partnership arrangement and bring in people who actually want to perform. They want to vote for the Aam Aadmi, they want to bring the Aam Aadmi Party to power so that every Aam Punjabi gets what they deserve. In line with the faith and trust of the people of Punjab, we have prepared a 10 point ‘Punjab Model’ based on the inputs of the public. When AAP comes to power we will develop a prosperous, new-age Punjab based on the ‘Punjab Model’ agenda.”

*AAP will make Punjab so prosperous that those who have left for Canada will come back here: Arvind Kejriwal* “Our first agenda is *Employment*. Today there’s unemployed youth in every household, they have to run from pillar to post and struggle for opportunities. They are forced to look towards Canada for employment. Parents spend their whole life educating their children. They have to then struggle to send their children to Canada just so they can stand on their own feet. AAP will develop a Punjab so prosperous that those who left for Canada will start coming back here. Despite the pandemic, we created ten lac job opportunities in Delhi. We know how to provide employment and will prove it in Punjab too,” Shri Kejriwal said.

*AAP will put an end to the drug mafia: Arvind Kejriwal*

“Our second agenda is *End of the Drug Mafia*. The youth that did not leave for Canada, headed towards drugs. Drugs are sold openly in villages. The Congress Government had promised that they’d put an end to drugs but today the drug mafia thrives despite their rule. All these political parties and the drug mafia syndicate are in connivance. AAP will put an end to this drug mafia raj and exterminate the whole syndicate. AAP will bring each and every child out of this trap and provide them better avenues to lead dignified lives,” CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said.

*AAP will restore law & order in Punjab; punish the guilty involved in sacrilege conspiracies: Arvind Kejriwal*

“Our third agenda is to establish *Law, Order and Peace in Punjab*. So many incidents of sacrilege have taken place in Punjab. The issue has affected all religions alike, they’ve all had to suffer such incidents. But, not one culprit or accused has been punished in even one incident. It is a matter of concern. It is not like the Punjab Police is incompetent and can not do anything. But they need political will in those sitting above them to have liberty to take action. These weren’t just incidents but conspiracies involving the higher ups. All these parties are functioning in a quid pro quo system and thus saved each other turn by turn. As a result you hear of sacrilege every other day. We will ensure the strictest of the punishments to all those involved no matter how strong they are. We have no arrangements, we are not afraid. We will punish the guilty and restore law & order in Punjab to ensure peace and brotherhood,” he stated.

*Government schools in Punjab are in very bad condition, teachers are sitting on dharna instead of teaching in class: Arvind Kejriwal*

“Our fourth agenda is *Corruption Free Punjab*. There is no shortage of money in Punjab. God has showered his blessings on the state. There is also a large amount of tax revenue. Yet, Punjab is currently in the red. Punjab is in debt to the tune of Rs 3.50 lakh crore. What happened to all of this money? It has found its way into the pockets of the leaders. We will create a corruption-free Punjab in the same way that we created a corruption-free Delhi. Today, a common man’s work cannot be completed without under the table payment in Punjab. He goes through the office ten times, runs pillar to post and then has to pay up. AAP will shut this down. People will get work done even if they don’t have any money. People will no longer have to go running around the office.

*Excellent Education* is the fifth agenda item. Punjab’s government schools are currently in dilapidation. Instead of teaching in classes, teachers are sitting on dharnas. Water cannons are fired at them, and sticks are hurled at them. This will be changed right away. The teachers will now be teaching in the classroom. We must improve the education system in the same way that we have improved the schools in Delhi. Similarly, Punjab’s education system will be made excellent.

The sixth agenda item is *Superior Healthcare*. For example, in Delhi, we have built wonderful hospitals and Mohalla clinics. In Punjab, we will build 16 thousand Mohalla clinics. Luxurious government hospitals will be built, and three crore Punjabis, that is, every Punjabi, will be guaranteed that no matter who is sick, whatever the disease is, in his house, from minor to major illnesses, the complete treatment will be provided free of charge. As it is done in Delhi.

*AAP is prepared, so is Punjab; will together defeat the political parties that have ransacked the state: Arvind Kejriwal*

“Punjab generates great amounts of electricity. Despite this, Punjab suffers from lengthy power outages. Electricity is now the most expensive commodity in Punjab. Just as we have 24 hour electricity supply and free electricity provision within Delhi, we will provide free electricity for 24 hours. The eighth agenda item is that *every woman over the age of 18 will receive a monthly deposit of one thousand rupees into her bank account*. The ninth is, the *farming system will be fixed*. All of the farmers’ issues will be resolved, whatever we are capable of doing we will do. Some issues are in the hands of the central government, and we will fight for them to be resolved at our level too. However, whatever the state government can do, we will do. The trade and industry agenda is on the tenth point. AAP will put an *End to the Raid Raj and Corruption in Punjab.* AAP will put in place an honest system so that every entrepreneur and businessman can do his or her business happily. Only when business and industry grow will children be able to find work. All of these parties are now afraid that the Aam Aadmi Party will form a government. All of these parties have joined forces to defeat Punjab and the Aam Aadmi Party. This time, however, the entire state of Punjab knows it wants AAP. We, too, are prepared, as is Punjab. All of these parties’ plans will be thwarted,” Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal concluded.

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