All the Harry Potter iPhone hacks you can do on Siri including magical Lumos trick

Who says you need a wand to be a Hogwarts wizard? All you need is your phone! A Harry Potter fan recently discovered a cool new iPhone trick which allows you to cast your own spell using Siri.

A Twitter user named @_Ivpotterhead recently discovered a mystical trick using your iPhone that went viral as Potterheads everywhere rushed to try it out themselves.

The user posted: “If you’re a Harry Potter fan tell Siri on your phone ‘LUMOS’.” Doing this, fans have discovered activates the torch on your phone, replicating the spell from the wizarding franchise which lights up the tip of your wand.

An iPhone on a wooden table
You can turn your phone flashlight on by telling Siri “Lumos”

But, the Lumos trick isn’t the only clever Harry Potter hack that your iPhone can do. Here’s a full list of the ‘spells’ you can perform.

Lumos and Nox

This is most recent iPhone hack that Harry Potter have discovered. You can use your virtual assistant to magically turn your flashlight on and off.

Simply get the attention of Siri, by saying ‘Hey, Siri’, followed by ‘Lumos’, and this should turn on your flashlight. To switch it off, just say “Hey Siri, Nox.”

Android users can rejoice as the trick has also been found to work on Samsung and Google Assistant as well.

Wingardium Leviosa

Someone using Siri
You can even find flights automatically on iPhone using the Wingardium Leviosa spell

If you’ve mastered Lumos, its time to move to more difficult charms. The levitation or flying spell from the Harry Potter franchise makes for quite a handy trick on iPhone.

Saying ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ to your phone doesn’t help you levitate out of bed, unfortunately. But it does help you automatically search for a flight out of your location.

Avada Kedavra

You can even practice a bit of Dark Arts with your iPhone. Avada Kedavra might be the Killing Curse in the franchise, but on our iPhones it’s a neat trick to quickly switch your phone to airplane mode whenever you need

Saying Avada Kedavra into your iPhone basically ‘kills’ the phone by lowering the brightness and switching the settings to airplane mode.


Want to open an app but can’t find it,. casting Accio should do the trick. According to fans, if you say ‘Accio’, followed by the name of any app you’ve downloaded to your phone, then Siri will automatically open up that app.

For example, if you’re trying to open Instagram, simply wake up Siri and say “Accio, Instagram” – its as simple as that! The trick works with pretty much any app including Facebook, Twitter, or weather apps.

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