Bad Bunny Lyrics Quotes

Bad Bunny lyrics quotes

With his distinctive flow and clever wordplay, Bad Bunny has become one of the most popular Latin trap and reggaeton artists in the world. Since emerging on the music scene in 2016, the Puerto Rican rapper and singer have captivated global audiences with his catchy songs and honest lyrics exploring relationships, partying, and social issues.

Known for hits like ” Soy Peor”, “MIA”, and “I Like It”, Bad Bunny is recognized for his authentic, unfiltered style and his ability to seamlessly combine genres like reggaeton, bachata, soul, and rock. His lyrics are often humorous and cheeky, riddled with slang and vibrant imagery that brings his narratives to life.

In this blog, post we are sharing a collection of famous song quotes showcasing Bad Bunny’s diverse artistry and poignant storytelling.

Here is a list of 41 Famous Bad Bunny lyrics quotes:

1. “Si quieres ponerme a prueba, yo te enseño como se hace” (If you want to put me to the test, I’ll show you how it’s done)

2. “Baby yo no soy un santo pero lo puedo intentar por ti” (Baby I’m not a saint but I can try for you)

3. “Ella quiere alcohol y ella quiere bailar toda la noche” (She wants alcohol and she wants to dance all night)

4. “No me importa lo que hablen de mí, todos hablan de mí” (I don’t care what they say about me, everyone talks about me)

5. “Me porté mal, de nadie fue la culpa” (I misbehaved, it was no one’s fault)

6. “Este party no se ha acabado, aquí nadie se quiere ir” (This party is not over, no one here wants to leave)

7. “Yo solo quiero ser feliz, vivir mi vida y no hace daño” (I just want to be happy, live my life and not hurt anyone)

8. “Ella no quiere amor, ella quiere dolor y eso me gusta” (She doesn’t want love, she wants pain and I like that)

9. “Yo solo quiero que esta noche tú te quedes conmigo” (I just want you to stay with me tonight)

10. “Estoy solito en casa, no quiero masturbarme” (I’m home alone, I don’t want to masturbate)

11. “Tú ere’ una masterpiece mamacita rica” (You’re a masterpiece sexy mama)

12. “Siempre positivo, aunque me critiquen los envidiosos” (Always positive, even when the envious criticize me)

Bad Bunny Lyrics Quotes

13. “Vente pa’ la cama, no me hagas esperar más nena” (Come to bed, don’t make me wait any longer babe)

14. “Ella me llama, me pregunta si esta noche vamos a salir” (She calls me, asks me if we’re going out tonight)

15. “Yo solo quiero tu cariño nena, dámelo todo los días” (I only want your affection babe, give it to me every day)

16. “No me importa el dinero mientras tú estés conmigo nena” (I don’t care about money as long as you’re with me babe)

17. “Si tu novio no te mama el culo, pa eso que no mame” (If your boyfriend doesn’t eat your ass, then he shouldn’t eat at all)

18. “Ella se deja llevar cuando está conmigo porque conmigo se siente bien” (She lets herself go when she’s with me because with me she feels good)

19. “Me tiene mal, toda loquita por mi, quiere volver ya lo sé” (She’s crazy for me, wants to come back I already know)

20. “Nuestra historia está para Netflix, esto no es un corillo más” (Our story is for Netflix, this isn’t just another fling)

21. “Si tú me busca vamos a hacerlo en el mar” (If you look for me we’ll do it in the sea)

22. “Yo quiero fumar y recorrer tu cuerpo” (I want to smoke and explore your body)

23. “Te gusta la gasolina, dale más gasolina” (You like gasoline, give more gasoline)

24. “Tu novio es un bobo, no te quiere como yo” (Your boyfriend is a fool, he doesn’t love you like I do)

25. “Ella tiene un culo cabrón, lo mueve y me mata” (She’s got a fucking great ass, she moves it and it kills me)

26. “Dicen que estoy loco, se volvieron todos doctores” (They say I’m crazy, they all became doctors)

27. “Me tratas como un juguete ya no quiero ser tu plan B” (You treat me like a toy I don’t want to be your plan B anymore)

28. “Tengo esa mamacita enamorada de mi” (I’ve got that hot mama in love with me)

Bad Bunny Lyrics Quotes

29. “Yo la vi solita y me acerqué a hablarle” (I saw her alone and went to talk to her)

30. “Ella no quiere amores de un rato, ella quiere amor de verdad” (She doesn’t want short-lived love, she wants true love)

31. “Me curé las heridas pero me quedaron las cicatrices” (My wounds healed but I’m left with scars)

32. “Si veo a tu novio con otra te lo voy a decir” (If I see your boyfriend with another girl I’m going to tell you)

33. “No me importa si hay alguien más, si tú me llamas voy” (I don’t care if there’s someone else, if you call me I’ll go)

34. “Ella sabe cómo me pone cuando me habla sucio” (She knows how it gets me going when she talks dirty)

35. “Prefiero estar soltero que mal acompañado” (I’d rather be single than badly accompanied)

36. “Me dijeron que aquí no iba a llegar pero mírame ahora” (They told me I wouldn’t make it here but look at me now)

37. “Tú y yo somos dos locos viviendo una aventura” (You and I are two crazies living an adventure)

38. “No quiero problemas, yo solo quiero fumar hierba” (I don’t want problems, I just want to smoke weed)

39. “Dile a tu novio que suerte tiene, pero la mía es mejor” (Tell your boyfriend how lucky he is, but mine is better)

40. “Yo voy en un Tesla, tú vas en una bicicleta” (I go in a Tesla, you go on a bike)

41. “No fue culpa tuya ni tampoco mía, fue culpa de la monotonía” (It wasn’t your fault or mine either, it was the fault of monotony)

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