Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Prepper and Survival Deals for 2021

Black Friday 2021 will be on Friday, November 26 this year. We scour the internet for the best prepper Black Friday deals! Use the huge sale event as a way to stockpile survival gear, food kits, outdoor gear, and more.

Best Survival Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Deals on

Check out ALL the Black Friday deals here.

Or, check out our top choices for survival gear:

Best Deals On 

Check out a list of ALL the Black Friday deals on Some up to 50% OFF.

Here is a list of products that I picked up:

Best Food Kits

What is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday is a nickname for the day after Thanksgiving in the US. Many physical retailers and online stores offer significant discounts on Thanksgiving night to the end of Friday after Thanksgiving.

Some retailers provide deals the the entire Thanksgiving week.

As a resourceful prepper and a survivalist, I use Black Friday to my advantage and scan the site for awesome deals on survival, outdoor, emergency, camping, hiking, and hunting gear (sometimes upwards of 60-80% off).

What is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday is the Monday right after Black Friday. In 2021, that will be on November 29.

While Black Friday traditionally used to be sales in physical retailers. Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday.

However, nowadays both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are practically the same and most companies run deals from Black Friday through Cyber Monday anyways.

Significance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday To Preppers

The ability to grab quality products at low prices is incentive enough.

As preppers, we use the resources around us to improve our self-sufficiency. Whether you agree with the concept of Black Friday/Cyber Monday or not, the deals are good and it’s in your best interest to stock up.

What Are The Best Ways To Be Ready For Deals?

  • Be sure to bookmark this page and check it often.  I will be updating with information as we get closer to the fourth week of November.
  • Create your own shopping list beforehand. Create a list of gear and goods you need. This will ensure you remain organized.
  • Shop from the comfort of your home on your phone or laptop. There is no need in 2020 to go out late at night on Friday or throughout the day Friday away from your family and friends to buy stuff. All the BEST deals are nowadays on the Internet anyway.

That’s it. Stay tuned!

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