BTS Song Lyrics Quotes

BTS Lyrics Quotes

With their poetic lyrics and relatable themes, K-pop group BTS has connected deeply with fans all over the world. Their songs explore universal topics like self-love, mental health, purpose, and healing. Embedded within BTS’ discography are numerous inspirational quotes and words of wisdom that resonate strongly with listeners.

From their early hits to their latest tracks, BTS’ lyrics contain powerful messages spoken through metaphors, analogies, and raw honesty. The group boldly tackles subjects often seen as taboo in Korean society, leading to praise for contributing to important cultural conversations.

As global superstars, BTS recognizes their immense influence and leverages it to spread positivity. In this blog post, we are sharing collection of 31 inspirational BTS lyric quotes provides a glimpse into the group’s artistry and uplifting philosophy. The songs touch on struggle and perseverance, cherishing life’s small joys, overcoming hardships, and living authentically.

For millions of fans, BTS’ own words have become mantras for self-improvement and comfort. These memorable quotes exemplify the group’s talent for crafting profound, inspirational lyrics.

Here is list of BTS songs Lyrics Quotes;

1. “I want to be a little warmer, a little braver from now on” – Promise

2. “You got me feeling like a popcorn” – Fire

3. “Cause the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest” – Tomorrow

4. “If this can’t be fixed with my two hands, I’ll use my two feet to run to you” – Run

5. “You think, therefore you are, don’t think of everyday as the same” – Interlude: Shadow

6. “My heart still fluttering, perhaps I have lived in vain” – Butterfly

7. “I’m flying high in the sky with the two wings you gave me” – Young Forever

8. “Baby we were just teenagers last night” – Spring Day

9. “Lean on my shoulder on this long road, please don’t go, don’t disappear” – Don’t Leave Me

10. “All pain and suffering is just another name for discipline” – Second Grade

11. “There’s no end in sight, is there light or is there none?” – OUTRO: Tear

BTS Lyrics Quotes

12. “You know too well I can’t live without you” – Save Me

13. “Just close your eyes and listen, this is my paradise” – Serendipity

14. “I want to stay with you, just like this” – Spring Day

15. “When the night deeps, that’s when I get real bad feeling” – Pied Piper

16. “You’re my penicillium, blocking out all my sickness, my light” – Best of Me

17. “Don’t lose yourself too much in the darkness” – 21st Century Girl

18. “I just wanna be happier” – A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

19. “My fears, anxieties, on an ocean they set sail” – Sea

20. “I just want to be me, I just want to be me” – I Need U

21. “Like a spring day, spring girl gracefully blooming” – Spring Day

22. “I’m flying high in the sky with the two wings you gave me” – Young Forever

23. “What’s the you that you dreamed of? Who do you see in the mirror?” – Interlude: Shadow

24. “Every moment together is so precious” – So Far Away

25. “Bloom a pretty flower over there for me, over there for me” – Crystal Snow

26. “Look closely, the answer is right next to you” – Euphoria

27. “You know love has its limits but there is no end to being needed” – Love Maze

28. “My heart doesn’t work like before, after meeting you” – Blue & Grey

BTS Lyrics Quotes

29. “It’s okay to pause, no need to run without even knowing the reason” – P.O.P (Piece of Peace)

30. “I’m learning to love myself” – Answer: Love Myself

31. “Nothing lasts forever but there’s nothing wrong with indulging today” – Tomorrow

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