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Funny Motivational Workout Quotes

Funny Motivational Workout Quotes

Funny Motivational Workout Quotes

We all need a little extra push when it comes to getting motivated to work out. While some find inspiration in iconic athletes or Instagram fitness models, others are more likely to get pumped up by a good laugh.

For those looking for some humor mixed into their workout motivation, here are 51 funny and relatable quotes about fitness, gyms, nutrition, and more. Whether you chuckle in agreement or shake your head at their silliness, let these quotes give you that added boost you need to get moving and stay active.

Workouts are always better when you’re smiling, so get ready to laugh your way to fitness with this list of funny motivational workout quotes.

Here is a list of 51 Funny Motivational Workout Quotes:

  1. “Sweat is just your fat crying – and it’s time to make those tears flow!”
  2. “I workout because I really, really, really like dessert.”
  3. “Exercise? I thought you said extra fries!”
  4. “I run because I really like being chased… by my goals!”
  5. “I exercise because I know I’m one workout closer to that pizza.”
  6. “Gym rule #1: Don’t talk about the weather, talk about your gains!”
  7. “My warm-up is your entire workout.”
  8. “I don’t always workout, but when I do, I expect a parade.”
  9. “Exercise? More like extra fries.”
  10. “I don’t sweat – I emit fairy dust.”
  11. “Exercise: because punching people is frowned upon.”
  12. “Don’t stop until you’re proud or the neighbors call the cops!”
  13. “Sore today, strong tomorrow, and maybe slightly overdramatic.”
  14. “I lift things up and put them down – my favorite hobby!”
  15. “Sweating like a sinner in church – but at the gym.”
  16. “I do burpees because I like the sound of my heart trying to escape.”
  17. “They told me to follow my dreams, so I’m going back to bed… after the workout!”
  18. “Abs are cool, but have you tried donuts?”
  19. “I’m not running late; I’m running for my health – or maybe just the donuts.”
  20. “I run because it’s the only way to escape my problems – literally.”
  21. “Squat because nobody ever wrote a song about a small booty.”
  22. “Workout: because you can’t get the butt you want by sitting on it.”
  23. “I’m on that new diet – it’s called the ‘I-don’t-finish-my-food’ plan.”
  24. “Do it for the after-workout smoothie selfie!”
  25. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate burpees, and so do you.”
  26. “Sweat is just fat crying.”
  27. “Some people train for the Olympics, I train for the refrigerator.”
  28. “I don’t workout because I hate my body, I workout because I love my body.”
  29. “My warm up is your workout.”
  30. “Never miss a Monday. Your body hates you enough for the previous cheating day.”
  31. “Of course I talk to myself when I run, sometimes I need expert advice.”
  32. “I ran a 5k this morning. Well actually I drove by one.”
  33. “I love working out. I love the way it makes me feel so healthy and alive. I also love sitting, napping and being lazy.”
  34. “My fitness goals: be able to lift a pint of ice cream to my mouth.”
  35. “I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done.”
  36. “I’m in shape! Round is a shape.”
  37. “Workout? I thought you said work out… as in leave and don’t come back.”
  38. “I don’t run unless someone is chasing me.”
  39. “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.”
  40. “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.”
  41. “You can’t outrun a bad diet.”
  42. “Strong is the new skinny.”
  43. “Sore is just weakness leaving the body.”
  44. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
  45. “No pain, no gain. Shut up, no pain.”
  46. “I run to burn off the crazy.”
  47. “I workout so one day I can eat whatever I want without judgment.”
  48. “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.”
  49. “Of course I can lift that, I’m a mom.”
  50. “My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit.”
  51. “I love the feeling of sweat on my thighs and butt cheeks.”

These quotes are meant to bring humor and motivation to your workout routine. Enjoy the process and keep pushing towards your goals! Check out here more Best Quotes Collections You May Love!