Hair Tinsel Is the Latest Trend That TikTok Has Brought Back

Every day feels like throwback Thursday lately but that rings especially true today because hair tinsel is (once again) the talk of the town. But, much like most of the ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s trends, perhaps the real question here is: Did it ever really leave? Anyways, thanks to TikTok, of course, that question is irrelevant.

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If you’ve been a glitter fan for a while, you’d know the hair bling was all the rage back in the 2010s. One of the early sightings of hair tinsel on the red carpet was none other than the iconic Queen B in 2010. Bey sported her tinsel hair on the red carpet at the Grammys, flaunting her subtle shimmer while wearing a beige, mermaid dress. Though memorable at the time, the trend lost mainstream attention for a few years until K-pop stars reintroduced the trend in 2018. Heize is just one of the many idols seen rocking hair tinsel (or “holographic highlights” as Allure described it) at the time. That same year, EXO’s Chanyeol rocked some himself during the “Love Shot” music video. The likes of BTS’s J-Hope, NCT’s Doyoung, and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin have rocked tinsel strands for various occasions in recent years.

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In late November 2021, Katy Perry posted the ultimate tinsel hair endorsement on Instagram while promoting “Play”, her new Las Vegas residency. Now that we are in 2022, welcome back to tinsel town. Spotted all over TikTok, the trend has gone viral and people are referring to it as “fairy hair”. If you want to give the trend a whirl, there are clip-ins, tie-ins, and they come in almost every size and color — something for everyone. Also, you can find DIY tutorials on TikTok by searching #hairtinsel on the app, a hashtag that already has more than 76 million views. 

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