HermèsFit Shakes Up Things In Williamsburg By Creating An Accessory Experience With A Fitness Twist

Hermès has kicked off HermèsFit this week thru till the weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There’s a lot of orange and breaking of sweat in the pop-up bespoke Hermès gym. Set at 60 North 6th Street, from November 4th – 7th, the French house is creating an experience for people to become familiar with Hermès accessories through fitness.

With Hermès graphic motifs that line the walls, this interactive space has a room for workout classes, weights walls, a carré-inspired calisthenics course, a boxing ring, climbing wall, a photobooth, and a juice bar.

When you arrive, you will leave your stuff in the locker room, then onto the Carré Yoga room you go where you will find balance with scarf-inspired poses. Hermès bracelets will get you into a kickboxing mood in Kickboxing with Bracelets. Picking your favorite Hermès belt in Belt Stretching will help with stretching, breathing and relaxing. Voguing with Hats and Mirror Mirror also offer various accessories experiences.

According to notes from the house: This isn’t only a place to get your heart rate up. In the evening, the central boxing ring – complete with punching bags decadently decorated with silk carré prints – transforms into a live stage between 6 and 8 pm with artistic performances, DJ sets, and more. Visitors are invited to strike a pose in the photo- booth for a knockout #HERMESFIT moment.

For this four-day event, those interested can sign up at or simply stop by and discover the pop-up. Online it’s possible to book a class to enter the gym and meet your personal trainer. They guide you through your desired workout session. HermèsFit is a part of an international series that includes stopovers in New York, Paris, Taipei, and Shanghai.

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