Holiday season campaign helps families with emergency housing funds.

A campaign to raise $75,000 to help people gain or keep housing in the Denver area during the holiday season runs this month through the end of the year.

The Within Reach Giving Campaign, part of the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI), starts on Tuesday and runs through Dec. 31, according to a news release.

The campaign has a goal of helping 50 families with housing. MDHI works with more than 80 local organizations to provide one-time emergency funds to households facing a housing crisis, the release said. When all other funding has been exhausted, the Housing Stability Fund steps in.

“Without the Housing Stability Fund, hundreds in our region would have fallen into homelessness or remained unhoused over the past three years,” said Jamie Rife, MDHI’s director of communications, in the release. “This is literally a fund of last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted by a household’s case manager.”

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