J. cole Lyrics Quotes

J. cole Lyrics Quotes

Known for his thoughtful lyrics and storytelling abilities, J. Cole is one of the most prominent voices in hip-hop today. Throughout his discography, Cole has shared philosophical musings and reflections on life, relationships, personal growth, fame, and more.

His lyrics often contain wise words and powerful messages that resonate with listeners. To showcase some of Cole’s most memorable quotable lines, in this blog post, we are sharing a collection of 25 inspirational J. Cole lyrics quotes pulled from various songs in his catalog.

Ranging from introspective to motivational, these quotes exemplify Cole’s poetic songwriting and ability to deliver poignant life lessons through his music.

Here is a list of some Thought Provoking J. Cole lyrics quotes:

  1. “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” – from “Love Yourz”
  2. “I keep my head high, I got my wings to carry me. I don’t know freedom, I want my dreams to rescue me.” – from “Love Yourz”
  3. “I keep my eyes on the prize and my face to the sky.” – Sky Boy
  4. “Just remember what I told you when your shit gets heavy: ‘Cause heavy is the head that wears the crown.” – No Role Modelz
  5. “The reason for every rhyme that I write. You the reason for every song that I sing.” – Power Trip
  6. “I’m on the pursuit of happiness, and I know everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold.” – from “Can’t Get Enough”
  7. “They tell me that the road is long, but never wonder how I keep my faith.” – Rise and Shine
  8. “It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success.” – from “Crooked Smile”
  9. “You can live your whole life without realizing you were blind.” – Change
  10. “I swear I walk with God, but the devil keeps following.” – from “4 Your Eyez Only”
  11. “Just ’cause you got opinions, doesn’t make you a politician.” – Note to Self
  12. “To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is.” – from “The Badness”
  13. “God bless the man child. He came a long way from boat rides.” – Love Yourz
  14. “Real n****s do real things.” – Chaining Day
  15. J. cole Lyrics Quotes
  16. “Life is all about the evolution.” – from “Change”
  17. “All I want to do is make my momma proud.” – Wet Dreamz
  18. “My life accelerated, but had to wait my turn.” – from “G.O.M.D.”
  19. “My daddy said, ‘Trust no man but your brothers. And never leave your day one’s in the gutter.'” – No Role Modelz
  20. “I wanna fold clothes for you, I wanna make you feel good.” – Wet Dreamz
  21. “I keep my head high, but I got my wings low.” – Nobody’s Perfect
  22. “Fool me one time, shame on you. Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you.” – from “No Role Modelz”
  23. “If I’ma die anyway, at least let me die with my integrity.” – Apparently
  24. “The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.” – Love Yourz
  25. “Just ’cause you got good credit don’t mean you got money.” – A Tale of 2 Citiez
  26. “They tell me life is a test, but where’s the tutor?” – from “G.O.M.D.”
  27. “Let go your ego. You’re not in control.” – Ville Mentality
  28. “Life is all about balance – you can’t give your all to one thing and leave nothing for something else.” – Apparently
  29. “They say the coolest play it cool; my passion was ironic.” – from “Can I Live”
  30. “Life is deep, deeper than my suburban sleep.” – Premeditated Murder
  31. “The best things in life come free to us.”- Mo Money
  32. “Sometimes our dreams come true, sometimes our fears do too.” – from “G.O.M.D.”
  33. “The days I don’t wanna wake up, I don’t wanna be great, yeah.” – Love Yourz
  34. “I wanted to rhyme like Jay when I was in the 9th grade.” – Forbidden Fruit
  35. J. cole Lyrics Quotes
  36. “To never lose yourself is the gift, the curse is trying to get back in.” – from “Once an Addict”
  37. “Point the biggest skeptic out, I’ll make him a believer.” – Fire Squad
  38. “She like my futuristic sounds in the new spaceship Ferrari.” – G.O.M.D.
  39. “I’m searching and praying and hoping for something, I know I’m gon’ see it, I know that it’s coming.” – from “Runaway”
  40. “False prophets spit rhymes that excite the fans.” – False Prophets
  41. “Everything’s ironic, my tears are rain drops.” – No Role Modelz
  42. “Reminisce when you came through the hood, oh how the times have changed.” – from “Lights Please”
  43. “Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.” – False Prophets
  44. “Destined for greatness my laziness was fake.” – The Cure
  45. “I’m on the road less traveled, used to walk tall, now I’m on my knees unraveling.” – from “Deja Vu”
  46. “Heavy drugs just might distract me out my zone.” – FRIENDS
  47. “Sometimes I brag like HOV, sometimes I’m real like Pac.” – Love Yourz
  48. “The good news is, nigga, you came a long way. The bad news is, nigga, you went the wrong way.” – from “Chaining Day”
  49. “Seems like the life I chose ain’t got no off season.” – Rich Niggaz
  50. “Ain’t no way in hell I’ma let you stop my shine.” – Fire Squad
  51. “No matter how far you go, you gon’ get to that light.” – from “Runaway”
  52. “Blessed is the fruit, that’s probably why she extra juicy.” – Wet Dreamz
  53. “Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.” – Fire Squad
  54. “I keep my head up high, I cross my heart and hope to die.” – from “Work Out”
  55. “Just remember what I told you when your sh*t get heavy: ‘Cause heavy is the head that wears the crown.” – No Role Modelz
  56. “If they don’t know your dreams, they can’t shoot ’em down.” – from “Knock Tha Hustle”
  57. “To everything, there’s a season, a time for every purpose.” – Land of the Snakes
  58. “If I die today my neighbor probably say they understand.” – Neighbors

J. Cole’s music often contains deep and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with many listeners. I hope you find these quotes inspiring! Check out here for more Quotes lyrics from inspiring artists and musicians.