How To Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You: A Guide to Love Beyond Your Feet

Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You

Kissing someone shorter than you can seem daunting in a society that emphasizes traditional gender roles and makes assumptions about height in relationships. However, unlearning prejudice and embracing confidence in yourself and your partner is key.

With some creativity, adjusting of postures, and an open mind, height differences can be easily overcome for a fun, romantic kiss.

Stereotypes associated with height

Stereotypically, it is still considered abnormal for a woman to be taller than her male romantic partner. Outdated gender roles suggest that men should be taller and dominate physically, while women should be shorter and submit.

This, however, is an unhealthy and limiting mindset. With more awareness and open-minded attitudes, assumptions and judgments based on height and gender have the potential to change.

Importance of unlearning prejudices

Before kissing someone shorter than you, it is essential to reflect on your own prejudices. Recognize that a height difference does not have to affect physical intimacy or enjoyment. Letting go of preconceived notions about gender expression creates more opportunities for meaningful connections. Approach the kiss with self-assurance instead of self-consciousness.

1. Unlearn Your Prejudice

When facing anxieties over appearances, the most constructive action is looking inward at your own biases. Examining and dismissing learned prejudices allows for more positive experiences.

Don’t worry about what others think.

While easier said than done, making decisions without worrying about outside opinions leads to confidence. As long as you and your partner feel comfortable, that is all that matters when it comes to romantic gestures like kissing. Ignore any perceived social pressure or judgment.

Accept your partner’s height

Rather than viewing height differences from a place of insecurity, embrace the unique beauty of your partner exactly as they are. Appreciate their stellar qualities that have nothing to do with vertical measurements. Recognize that height does not determine compatibility or chemistry.

Added benefits of dating a shorter guy

Along with shedding height biases, realize there are some great perks to physical variance between partners. Having a shorter significant other means easily resting your arm around their shoulder and makes hugs even more engulfing. Gazing downward into their eyes can increase romantic tension before locking lips.

couple eating popcorn and having fun

2. Embrace Your Own Height

While ditching damaging ideals, also take time for positive self-reflection. Rather than trying to minimize yourself physically, accept and celebrate your height.

Treat your insecurities

Being taller than what society deems conventional for women can understandably cause insecurities. Take steps to build up self-confidence and diminish unnecessary self-judgement. Treat underlying emotional issues leading to self-consciousness through self-care practices.

See your height as a positive

Instead of focusing on any perceived faws in your appearance, adopt an attitude of self-love. View yourself and your body from a lens of appreciation. Let go of desires to change unalterable physical traits. There is no universal perfect height, so have pride in the one you occupy.

Don’t let others’ opinions affect you

While easier said than done, make a conscious daily effort not to let other people’s passing judgments on your look impact your self-image or choices. As long as you feel alluring and assured, outside opinions should not interfere with romantic encounters. Own your right to intimacy without reservation or explanation.

3. Get Creative

A height variance between partners provides the perfect chance to get innovative with kissing strategies. Think outside the box to create accessible, cute moments.

Try new angles and positions

Shifting the approach direction when leaning in for a kiss can help align faces and torsos for comfort. Likewise, encourage your shorter partner to bend knees or stand on tiptoes while you widen your stance or bend from waist. Adapt positions to experiment for what feels best.

Use surroundings to even out height difference

Take advantage of environment when possible to make kissing more manageable. If your partner is much shorter, stand on a curb while they remain on the sidewalk. In homes, incorporate large cushions, ottomans, sturdy boxes or low tables to minimize the height gap.

Kiss sitting down

The easiest way to remove vertical obstacles is to simply kiss while seated! Sit side-by-side on a couch or bed and turn torsos towards each other without needing to factor for uneven heights. Let your lips linger close as you gaze affectionately at one another up-close before sealing the deal.

Romantic couple kissing

4. Correct Posture

Proper posture goes a long way towards lining up torsos and faces. Be mindful of stance while approaching the big kiss!

Adjust your stance to create a comfortable angle

Widening legs into a firmer, balanced base or bending slightly at the knees helps meet a shorter partner’s level. Shift weight distribution until discovering a comfy postural position. Lean entire body forward rather than just the neck for better alignment.

Take a step back if needed

If your partner is very petite, create more access by taking a subtle step backward before they approach. This provides clearance to angle heads without uncomfortable stretching. Avoid placing hands behind their head prematurely, as the forward-pulling motion could lead to strain.

Use a box or step to even out height difference

In preparation for an anticipated home kiss with someone much shorter than you, place a sturdy box, ottoman or step stool nearby. Right before meeting, casually stand on the object which stealthily boosts accessibility! For public kisses, curbs and low walls work well too.

5. Be Confident

Embrace assertiveness! Rather than waiting awkwardly to be kissed, seize the moment. Channel positivity, self-assurance and desirability while dismissing intrusive thoughts about appearances.

Focus on qualities you find attractive

Redirect the mind from superficial assessments of looks to reflections on inner qualities. Get lost in thoughts of admirable traits, quirks and even flaws that intensify fondness. Recognize your joint magnetic chemistry.

Take control and initiate the kiss

Bucking outdated gender roles, don’t hesitate as the physically taller partner to confidently initiate a kiss by gently guiding your shorter counterpart’s chin upward. Lock eyes fervently as you lower face downward to meet their lips. Savor the rush of your forwardness!

Treat it like any other kiss

At its core, a kiss is simply an affectionate connection. Rather than overcomplicating the mechanics of mouth alignment, treat kissing someone shorter as you would any other crush. Focus thoughts on the kiss itself – the sweet taste of lips, the dizzy euphoria, the affectionate intimacy.


From unlearning biases to getting innovative with angles and environment, kissing someone shorter has easy solutions. Most importantly, reflect on prejudices, approach with confidence in yourself and your bond, and don’t overanalyze.

Recognize that height is secondary; mutual feelings and fun should take center stage! Ultimately if both partners dismiss hang-ups about appearances, height variances can mean surprisingly steamy kisses.