A Massachusetts student was arrested and charged Thursday after she allegedly assaulted her principal and another staff member.

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The Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion School was closed on Friday after Principal Patricia Lampron,61, was unconscious after a 16-year-old student allegedly assaulted her and another staff member. Lampron was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment after sustaining serious injuries. It was unclear about the injuries sustained by the other staff member who was hurt in the attack.

A witness said it occurred Wednesday when a staff member told the student to exit from an area in the school and the girl grabbed Lampron’s hair and struck her in the head repeatedly with a closed fist. The 16-year-old student was arrested and arraigned at Dorchester Juvenile Court on Thursday for assault and battery charges.

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Lampron was released from the hospital on Thursday and she was reportedly in good health while resting. The student was held on a $5,000 bail and a judge ordered her to stay away from Lampron, the school, and submit to GPS monitoring, and remain in home confinement if released.

“Today our mother, Patricia Lampron, was violently attacked at school and seriously injured by a student. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance where she is being assessed and treated for her injuries. Anyone who knows her knows how passionate she is about this school, it’s students, and the Henderson School community. Our primary concern is her health and safety. She will need time and support to recover from her injuries. We expect a full investigation into the circumstances of the assault to assure the safety of all the students, staff, and teachers in the Henderson School Community. She wants everyone to know that there is NO place for violence in our schools.” said Lampron’s daughter, MaryKate.

The school has also enforced a safety plan due to the incident.