The 5 best classic cars to buy in 2022 for less than £2,000

Prices of the classic Volvo 240 are now well and truly on the rise, but buyers haven’t cottoned on to its successor, the 740, in quite the same way just yet. It won’t be long before they do, though, so if you want a bargain boxy Volvo, then you’d best get your wallet out now. 

Saloons are less desirable than estates, but don’t overlook them – they make excellent family-friendly classics even if they aren’t quite as roomy, and they’re just as comfortable and pleasant to cruise along in.

And of course, as with all Volvos of this era, the 740 is an excellent year-round classic, with heated seats and sure-footed handling. No, it isn’t the most exciting thing to drive, but if you want a classic that’s safe, sensible and dependable, the 740 is a solid bet. 

Price to pay: from £1200

We found: 1985 740 GLE, 141,000 miles, six months’ MOT, £1,995

Watch out for: Sagging rear suspension on estates, cracked front crossmembers, oil leaks suggesting blocked breathers, rusty floors, leaky heater matrices

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