The 5 Wildest Moments From Kanye West’s Drink Champs Episode

Episodes of Drink Champs are almost always worth the watch (and the exorbitant run time). So when The Artist Formerly Known as Kanye West (now just “Ye” after a recent name change) appeared on N.O.R.E.’s and DJ EFN’s podcast November 4, he naturally set the internet alight.

West set the tone early, railing against the concept of home ownership and explaining his personal ethos of self-determination. “I think my whole existence is about–not being out of control, but being out of their control. Being in control of yourself,” he said. “My home is just when my daughter Facetimes me. That’s when my home is.”

He also talked about how he felt Drake instigated their bad blood, coupling that with some signature imaginative claims (“I’m a xerox printer. Meaning I can see a dinosaur bone and build a dinosaur out of it, mentally”), and some frustrating assertions about cancel culture.

The two-and-a-half-hour conversation is full of noteworthy tidbits including West’s vaccination status (“I only got one of the shots, so I’m half-cinnated”), his fashion takes, and, oh yeah, pretty much every significant figure in his orbit from Kim Kardashian to Drake to Big Sean to Donald Trump. Here are some of the key moments:

Kanye said he would “absolutely” do a Verzuz against Drake, and opened up about their fraught relationship. Early in the conversation, N.O.R.E. asked West if he would do a Verzuz, and West said yes, but with certain conditions. “Absolutely, but I would need about four people to go against me at one time,” he said. “I need producers, I need people who make good albums. I need people who make radio hits. I need every single Gemini, specifically.”

The conversation then quickly turned to who he would be pitted against–with West naming Drake and the hosts also suggesting Jay-Z (West explained he would never battle Hov because “that’s my boss”). West said he would comfortably beat Drake, which served as an opening for N.O.R.E. to inquire about the many recent twists and turns of the two superstars’ feud.

“Drake don’t do an outright diss song where it’s a headshot. He’s gonna set it up like war,” West said, throwing in a curious Hitler reference. “He’s gonna do stuff like, live five blocks down the street from you. He’s gonna go and DM every single girl in your family, every single girl around your family. All your n-ggas’ girls. It’s away games and home games. This is professional rap.”

West even likened his antics with Drake to Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear. He further took exception to a line on Drake’s “7am on Bridle Path,” which many interpreted as being a Kanye diss (“I could give a fuck about who designing your sneakers and tees/Have somebody put you on a Gildan, you play with my seed”).

“I felt like everybody should go to Drake and say, ‘You ain’t saying that to North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm’s dad.’ He could be saying shit that’s poking at me, and driving me crazy and then if I do something that seems crazy, then they’re just blaming me,” West said.

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