Why Do Guys Like Virgins?

Why do guys like virgins?

“Why do guys like virgins?” is a question that has perplexed people for ages. Some men seem to have an innate preference for women with no sexual experience, while others don’t care as much.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are complex, spanning biological impulses, psychological desires, social expectations, and cultural norms.

In this blog guide, we’ll explore the science, emotions and theories around why many men favor virgins and view “purity” as a coveted prize.

Reasons Why Many Men Are Attracted To Virgins

Some Key Reasons Why Many Men Are Attracted To Virgins

1. Ego Boost of Conquering

The Unexplored Being the first partner for someone can be a huge turn on and ego boost. The excitement and taboo appeal of venturing into an unknown frontier can be thrilling and validating. Psychologically, men are wired as hunters and pioneers – claiming a woman’s virginity offers intense feelings of victory, dominance and prestige.

2. Signaling Pair Bonding Capacity

Evolutionarily, male psychology associates female virginity with loyalty and long term bonding ability. Having fewer prior partners signals higher capability and willingness to commit to a relationship and invest more resources into raising children.

3. No Comparisons to Other

Partners Men often feel performance pressure to satisfy partners who’ve had great sex previously. With a virgin, their skills and attributes don’t get ranked against other men. They can relax and enjoy the thrill of introduction rather than having to compete.

4. Perception of Tighter Introitus

Many men hold the common misconception that a virgin will feel tighter during intercourse. This appeals to the primal desire for friction and tactile stimulation. In reality, vaginal tightness correlates more strongly with muscle tone rather than sexual history.

5. Low Risk of STIs

Though not foolproof, sleeping with a virgin significantly reduces many STD risks. In an age of rising infections, virgins present a safer option for unprotected sex – at least early on. Testing and honesty are still essential requirements.

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Psychology of the Virginity Appeal: Why the Draw?

The madonna-whore dichotomy has pervaded male thinking for ages. Men can struggle viewing the same woman as both innocently virtuous and vibrantly erotic. Pursuing purity allows enjoying female sexuality while also easing guilt and shame.

Possessing a woman that no other man has touched can be the ultimate coup too. Some guys have latent jealousy even thinking about a partner’s previous lovers – regardless of how unreasonable this is. Eliminating this worry factor is a relief.

Plus some suitors may hope for a better chance at securing devotion by getting in early before competition arises. Love and sex activate bonding neurochemistry after all.

There are also guys who enjoy playing instructor or mentor roles. Introducing inexperienced women into intimacy can let them dictate the playbook early on.

The Social Value Placed on Female Virginity

Pause for a moment to recognize how utterly constructed the notion of virginity is in modern times. It’s an intangible concept rooted in vague purity standards and traditionally tied to control over female bodies.

Yet virginity retains intense social currency. Religions venerate it. Parents enforce it. Many men chase it as the trophy prize. And for some young women, the V-card bestows a self-worth boost and confidence while waiting for Mr. Right.

Ultimately the importance placed on virginity across cultures propagates its sought-after status in dating and relationships.

Best Practices for Virgins – or Not

At the end of the day, it’s every woman’s personal choice what to make of her virginity. The key is not letting arbitrary societal metrics define your self-worth. Or rushing into first times under pressure rather than waiting until true readiness.

Gentle, caring partners won’t judge or fetishize in either direction. Seeking someone respectful who prioritizes your comfort over their conquests is non-negotiable.

If saving yourself for “the one”, know thatlater sexual satisfaction relies more on intimacy foundations and communication than first night experience anyway. Great sex is a learned journey.

And if you don’t consider virginity a valuable asset, that’s understandable too. We all write our own sexual narratives. But do make safety, self-respect and mutual fulfillment the mandatory cornerstones.

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Now let’s explore some leading theories around the “why” behind virgin appeal:

The Biological Basis:

Evolutionary psychology suggests that some male affinity for virgin brides arises from our primal genome. Here are prevailing theories on the science behind it:

Certainty of Parentage

Mating with virgins offers men confidence that any offspring produced are genetically theirs. No need to doubt paternity or question resources invested for child rearing. This drives towards propagating one’s own genes.

Signaling Chastity and Loyalty

Female faithfulness has always been paramount (for better or worse) due to women’s higher biological reproductive investment. Virginity signals likelihood of loyalty which men have sought to ensure their mate sticks around through pregnancy and shared parental duties.

Scent Signifiers

Studies speculate that male ability to sense female ovulation patterns and reproductive hormones may influence attraction towards more “fertile” mates. Potential indicators include scent, facial and body symmetry, vocal tonality and waist-to-hip ratio.

The Psychological Motivations:

The male pursuit of purity arises from more than just x’s and y’s. Psychology plays a pivotal role, too.

Winning Manhood Status

Losing virginity is often portrayed as a milestone proving manhood in society. Yet sexual initiation must come from someone – and claiming a female’s first time can seemingly underscore masculine winner status.

Ego Validation

Being the sole purveyor of someone’s sexual awakening and pleasure can profoundly nourish confidence and self-worth. Men often tie performance between the sheets to self-image.

Conquest and Exclusivity

Both genders engage in mate guarding to some degree. “Locking down” a woman before any rivals appear means securing exclusive intimacy rights. Virgins represent blank slates for shaping into the ideal loyal partners.


Some men struggle separating female autonomy from their claim over a partner. To them, virginity equals sexual ownership with no man having visited their “property” before them.

Insecurity Alleviation

Pre-comparisons to other partners induces major performance anxiety for guys. Virgins have no benchmark for rating sexual prowess. Men feel they can let loose rather than battling ghosts of exes past in bed.

The high value placed on female virginity likely emerged from some mix of these emotional needs and primal urges.

Cultural & Societal Forces:

Ideological frameworks handed down through generations have also elevated virginity across contexts:


Most faiths espouse abstinence before marriage, with virgin daughters the picture of virtuous modesty. Yet scriptures say little about men safeguarding chastity for wives-to-be. Such doctrine imbues the act of sexual initiation with spiritual purity.


Value systems concentrating male pleasure and control reinforce notions of virginity as precious gift to be won. It validates masculine conquest rather than recognizing female desire. Patriarchal legacy passed down for ages perpetuates the chase.

Parental Pressures

Many daughters face external mandates to stay “innocent” and unexposed to boys before wedlock. Exploring sexuality risks familial rejection while virginity earns approval. Such pressures drive desirability.

Test of True Love

Romance novels and Hollywood often glorify ‘the right man’ willing to wait ages to consummate. Making a guy value you before putting out gets portrayed as the ultimate proof of affection.

Reality Check: Questioning the Appeal

Before taking virgin preference at face value, let’s challenge why it matters with some thoughtful questions:

  • Does valuing virginity support unhealthy attitudes about previous partners or relationship “firsts”?
  • Do “purity myths” degrade female sexuality by judging on limited experience?
  • What truly constitutes meaningful intimacy between partners?
  • Can dismissing someone’s past be considered ethical or compassionate?
  • Does prizing virginity risk overlooking more important emotional foundations?

The Keys to Great Sex Have Little to Do with “Firsts”

Yes the first roll in the hay holds novelty appeal tempting us to sanctify or demonize it. But despite all the external hype, sexual history matters far less than present connections we forge.

The vital ingredients for incredible sex and intimacy include:

  • Safe spaces for vulnerability and expression free of judgment
  • Mutual caretaking – making your partner’s pleasure and comfort top priority
  • Willingness to communicate desires openly and guide each other
  • Patience and trust built over time through understanding
  • Deep sense of respect, appreciation and consent
  • Raw, authentic passion 

With foundations like these, what happened years or lovers ago loses relevance. Every sexual encounter can feel like the sensual awakening your soul craves.


So why do many men fetishize female virginity, viewing it as a treasured conquest? Reasons span science, psychology, society and values.

For some suitors, deflowering represents the ultimate masculine affirmation: unmatched power and exclusivity with mate guarding assurances. It satisfies cravings for wholeness, ego wins and certainty.

Yet overvaluing virginity risks commodifying female bodies, affirming unhealthy sexual attitudes and overlooking consent. Great sex relies on emotional intimacy and safe spaces for exploration – not firsts.

At the end of the day, no one can dictate what virginity means to you. But understanding the origins of why men pursue purity may help today’s women navigate choices from a lens of confidence and empowerment instead.