Woman Catches Plane Passenger Texting: ‘We Have COVID, Shhh”

How Would You React? Woman Catches Plane Passenger Texting: ‘We Have COVID, Shhh”

#Socialites, get into this! A Reddit user, identified as esporx, reveals that she caught a fellow female plane passenger texting someone, “We have COVID, shhh.”

The user posted a photo of a woman sitting ahead of her with an iPhone in hand and a draft text that read, “We have COVID… shhh. That’s why we’re coming home a day early. On the plane now.” The Redditor goes on to title the post, “Is this even legal?”

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However, because of her inquisitive post, the Reddit user has divided reactions from other social users. Some have called her out for being a creep and nosey. Meanwhile, others were left just as shocked as she was reading the text being written. #Socialites, how would you react if you saw this message? Would you have even zoomed in to creep on someone? Let us know!

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