WWE’s Chris Jericho told Paige Vanzant he “wouldn’t touch her with husband’s genitals”


Chis Jericho once ripped into Paige Vanzant while on stage during an AEW Dynamite event.

After Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager were beat down by American Top Team and Men of the Year on Rampage in October last year, The Inner Circle reunited in the ring.

But soon after veteran wrestler Jericho took the mic and proceeded to scorch VanZant with some insulting words.

He said how she had an obsession with “Le Champion”, before asking if she would “slide into my DMs”.

VanZant responded by saying, “you wish” – but then Jericho, true to form, gave her both barrels.

He said: “Well, I wouldn’t worry about it. I wouldn’t even touch you with your husband’s genitalia.”

Chris Jericho
Jericho went hard

Jericho then called out Lambert, saying he was a “fat-face b*****”.

More recently, Chris Jericho appeared on “Wrestling With Freddie” to speak about how he tried to lure as many people over as he could at the start of AEW.

“This is not a WWE bash. I worked there for almost 20 years and I loved working for WWE, but one thing they still have an issue with, and you can see it if you watch the show is building new stars. They really have a problem with that and I don’t know why.”

The 51-year-old then spoke about the struggles it took to get the brand off the ground.

Is this the most brutal insult you’ve heard in AEW? Tell us in the comments section.

Paige Vanzant
Vanzant joined in

“Once again, it doesn’t matter what they do. From day one in AEW, when we showed up on October 2nd, and even before that when we showed up for the first couple PPVs, we had no television deal.

“Then when we finally got one on TNT, it was an ad-revenue share. What that means for people that don’t know is you make the money based on the advertising. If you have 50 advertisers, you get a share. If you have one advertiser, you get a share. It was not a big monster deal.”


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